Landscaping maintenance improvements

Settler's Grove maintenance improvements-scheduled for Spring 2009
The board of directors (2008-2009) have been actively addressing all of the landscaping maintenance concerns and much needed repairs. Since, the association started in 1999, there has not been an overall rejuvenation of the area. We feel that this year one of the key objectives the board wants to under take is improve all of the groundcare including trees and shrubs. This undertaking takes much time and effort and due to dependancies that include timing of the project (seasons), and legal restrictions (pesticide use) we were unable to implement any changes during the summer months. We have been meeting with various lawn care companies, the City of Kitchener and local Arborists to discuss our concerns and acquire their recommendations. We are at a point now that we have a good understanding of what needs to be addressed and we have begun reviewing recommendations and estimates. We hope to begin proposed work improvements for the Spring of 2009.

Some of the current areas we are addressing include:

-trees and shrubs along Deer Ridge Drive berms that contain bug disease
-dying trees along sidewalk areas (owned by City of Kitchener)
-dead grass patches through entire areas of neighborhood including Deer Ridge Drive, Master Court and Pioneer Tower Drive
-pruning of all trees and shrubs along Deer Ridge Drive and Master Court
-reseeding of lawn areas on Master Court

We appreciate your patience on this matter.

* Installation of a Settler's Grove entrance rock has been proposed. Pioneer Tower Rd. members to collectivley agree and propose plans.

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