About SGCA


As a member of the Settler's Grove Community Association, we feel it is important that you know the benefits the Association provides to you!

This Association was created to advance the cultural and social interest of permanent owners and residents, residing on properties in the Settler's Grove Community Association, located in the city of Kitchener, Ontario.

The Association dues that are collected from each member residence are used to maintain the lawns, plants and trees along the entrance to Settlers Grove on Deer Ridge Dr., the landscaped island on Master Crt., and the entrance to the trails off Deer Ridge Dr. and Winifred Street. These dues are also used to allow the the Association Board to provide activities designed to promote a sense of community among the residents of Settler's Grove. In past years these activities have included a yearly General Meeting, a children's park, wine and cheese parties, skating events, and holiday parties.

We are always looking for any suggestions regarding community improvements and/or events you would like to see happen!

Do you have a neighbour who has recently moved into the community? Send us their name and address and we'll get in touch with them regarding the Association.

Who We Are

The Settler's Grove Community Association Board consists of five voluntary members who are nominated and elected from the homeowner population. These members contribute their leisurely time, outside of work and family, to better enhance our community.

Below are your Board Members:

President: John Mellor

We also have subcommittees that are responsible for various issues that affect the members of the Settler's Grove community.
If you would like to get involved in your community, contact us about volunteering.

If you ever have any questions, suggestions or concerns we'd like to hear them! You can contact us at:
We will attempt to answer all inquires within 48 hours, however please allow 5 business days for a response, as this is a voluntary association.