Bingemans Park 2010 discounts!

Bingemans is offering Settler's Grove members discounted rates for their summer parks and daycamps until the end of August, 2010.

Please contact to get your Promo Code before ordering tickets.

Go to

To receive the 10% discount on Consignment tickets:
1) Click on Consignment (bottom left corner)
2) Enter the User ID and Password

In order to receive the 10% discount off of daycamp registration:
1) Select "Entertainment"
2) Select "Daycamps" (second option down on the left)
3) Select the daycamp you're interested in (for example, "Chef School") by clicking "Book Now".
4) Fill out all the required fields.
5) There is a box just above "Emergency Contact Information" (almost at the bottom) that says "If you have a promotion code, enter it here". This is where you would type in your User ID in order to receive the 10% discount.

Please note that this discount is not effective until May 1st. We are already offering our customers a 10% discount if they book by May 1st. By being a consignment user, you can still receive the 10% discount after May 1st.

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