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Gift Certificates Awarded

Winners of our "Pay on Time and Give us your E-mail Address" draw.....residents that paid their annual fees by June 3, 2011 and provided us with their e-mail address had an opportunity to win a $25.00 gift certificate to Borealis restaurant in Guelph.   9 gift certificates were drawn as follows:

***One gift certificate was drawn after our Annual General Meeting.  Everyone that attended the Annual General Meeting had a chance to win a gift certificate***

1.  Erin Vandahl                          85 Winifred
***1st certificate drawn at our Annual General Meeting***
2.  Berrnie & Cori Carrol              77 Winifred
3.  Robert & Katherine Gospen     22 Winifred
4.  Alex & Amanda Matissich        40 Baden Court
5.  Janet Littlejohn                     109 Deer Ridge Drive
6.  Nazar Alias                             6 Wagon Street
7.  Kerry Snip                              3 Master Court
8.  Robert Wagner                      36 Lantern Street
9.  Douglas & Kimberly Nix         145 Deer Ridge Drive
10. Chuck & Andrea Maier          153 Deer Ridge Drive

Thank you to all who participated in the draw by paying their fees by June 3, 2011 and providing their e-mail address.

Kitchener in Bloom

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While you are out for a walk, or bike ride, or even sometimes when you are driving,
do you ever notice a great front yard in Kitchener or a Kitchener business and think...
"Wow! That's beautiful!! Look at the plants and how well cared-for it is!
They do a great job making their property look great!"

Kitchener in Bloom - a city program which celebrates these beautification efforts of our community members - is looking for you to take the VERY easy step of sending us that address ( we enter the address on our cell phones so we don't forget).
That's all we need.

Send the address to kitchenerinbloom@kitchener.ca or leave a message at 519-741-2224.

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