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Holiday Inn Discount

The Holiday Inn Kitchener-Waterloo Hotel and Conference Centre on Fairway Rd. has offered a 15% discount off their regular hotel rates for residents of Settler's Grove Community Association.
Mention that you are a SGCA resident to receive the discount.

Reservations: 519-893-1211

City of Kitchener Sign Regulations

There have been several complaints regarding the posting of signs in our neighbourhood recently.  We want to take an opportunity to clarify the City of Kitchener's sign regulations which are in place to keep our streets looking beautiful and safe.

The City of Kitchener prohibits sign placement of any advertising along the boulevards or on city property.  This includes Real Estate signs, contractor signs etc.   Signs placed on personal property are exempt but must be removed upon completion of work with respect to contractors, or upon sale of homes.  There is exemption for event signs which pertain to open houses or community events.  These signs my be placed during the event to direct people but must be taken down once the event has been completed.

The City of Kitchener By-Law office responds to complaints and takes the appropriate action to have the signs removed.  The City of Kitchener can be contacted by emailing bylaw@kitchener.ca or by telephoning the 24hr contact centre at 519-741-2345.  They require the signs location and their sign officer will be sent out to investigate the complaint and remove any signs if required

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