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Proposed Development of 56 Pioneer Tower Rd.

There is a proposal by Kenmore homes to build a small subdivision off Pioneer Tower Road which will be located directly behind Harvey's, Hamption Inn and the Petro Gas Station. We have a zone map showing the proposed subdivision as well as several documents (1, 2) describing the proposal. This matter is being discussed at Kitchener City Council on Monday evening June 23, 2008.

Car Wash Proposal

The Ontario Municipal Board appeal of the Canuck Properties request to build a carwash at the corner of King St. and Deer Ridge Dr. took place on July 3rd and 4th.
The board's decision will be made by the chair within the next month or two and update will be provided when it becomes available.

2007 Annual Meeting

* The Annual General Meeting was held June 5th at the Hampton Inn, 4355 King St E, Kitchener.

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