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Pride Stables - Spring has sprung, the sap has run!

Maple syrup season is upon us! Stock up your pantry & fire up the griddle for those flapjacks!

Click here to browse & order today!
All purchases support riders, horses, and programs at Pride Stables.
As a registered charity your support is a crucial element of our funding.

This fundraiser will be completed online with your purchases available for pick up on two dates later in April (see below).

Forward this fundraiser with your friends, colleagues and neighbours!
They can place and pay for their own order then pick up as directed below. Or a single person is welcome to pick up a group of orders all at once.

We send a special hello to our volunteers! Classes are still on hold for now but we will email you as soon as we can re-open.
Until then, keep well & enjoy some maple syrup!

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